Monday, July 21, 2014

Gabby is 5!

Gabby Girl is FIVE!!!  I can't believe it! We did a little party for her on Saturday night, the night before her birthday.  I guess I shouldn't say little, because we had 14 girls there at one point....some left early.  But since for the last 3 weeks before either with the cruse and the girls going to Omaha, we didn't do anything fancy.  We had a movie night with Pizza, popcorn, candy, and PJ's!  It was fun.

Then on Sunday, her real birthday, we had a little family party.  And Nana & Grandpa called on facetime just in time to sing happy birthday with us!  She got a lot of fun toys from her friends, and our neighbor gave her this cool tennis outfit, and from us she got a new tennis racket, and a razor scooter.  She was so excited!

She has been wanting to take tennis for awhile, but you had to be 5 years old to sign up.  She turned 5 on Sunday, and Tennis camp started on Monday, she just made it!  And she did great today!

Gabby starts Kindergarten in a few weeks!  She is smart, spunky, and sweet.  We love her, and love that she gets to be a part of our family forever!

Happy 5th Birthday to our Gabby Girl!

4th of July

This year, on the 4th of July, we only had one kid.  It was weird having a holiday with all of our crazy kids.  But the girls were having fun with Nana & Grandpa in Omaha.  While they were gone, we really got to have some fun with Dani as an only child.  She is a funny little girl.  And very polite and well behaved when she doesn't have to fight for attention or control!  It was fun going out and doing things with her.  I have to admit, it was easy with one.  I missed all of my girls, but had fun with Dani.

On the 4th, we did our annual kids bike parade with our neighborhood.  Then we went to the pool at Ivory Ridge.  The night before we went up to Bountiful and watched their fireworks, so we just stayed in and watched fireworks from our back on the 4th.

In Omaha, at my Grandma Rosenthal's house, visiting. This was taken when the girls were there by themselves.

The next week Dani and I made the drive to Omaha to pick the girls up.  We stayed a few days so Dani could play with Nana & Grandpa too.  And I got to visit with family, and we took the girls to the zoo.  Then we made the long drive home.  With week we were in the cruse, and then the week the girls were gone by themselves, and then the week I took to get the girls, it was 3 week before Ben was able to see the girls.  But we made it home safe.  Gabby and Charley asked if we could make going to Nana's house a tradition?!  Charley went by herself last summer, and Gabby said she was old enough this summer.  I was worried about her, but she did great.  And they had a blast!  Now summer is almost over....1 more month before schools starts!

Alaskan Cruse

Last year for Ben's work they met their "BIG" goal.  They have goals they try and meet every quarter individual and as a department, and then also have yearly goals.  This is the first time since being with PCG that Ben's department has meet their yearly goal.  It is a pretty hard goal to reach, so as an insentive if they ever do reach it, they always told them work would take them on a big trip.  Welp, last year they worked literally all year til the very end to reach it.  Ben got the last pay-off to reach their goal on December 31, 2013.  But because of their hard work, we all went on an Alaskan cruse.  It was all the people in Ben's department and the partners and spouses that all went.  It was so much fun getting to know everyone better, and hanging out.  It was a great group to go with.  And because it was such a big group, there were always things to do with someone.

As far as the port cities go, our first stop was in Ketchican.  Ben went fishing and I went shopping!  Ben caught a 30 lb. halibut.  We then went to Juneau, where we hiked to Mendenhall glasher and waterfall. Our 3rd stop was Skagway where we did an all day bus tour and we got to go canoeing, and hiking. Our last stop was Victoria, Canada.  We didn't have anything planned for there, but ended up roaming the city and watching a movie with some of the other couples. One of the days we went up Tracy's arm and were able to get close to another glasier. Once we got there, they turned the ship 360 degrees so everyone could see it from where ever they were on the boat.

Of course we ATE a TON!  Ben took a lot of pictures, but they don't even begin to describe how beautiful it all was.

My mom and sister, Jordan, were here with the girls while we went.  We got home on a Saturday afternoon, and then Sunday morning my mom left and took Charley and Gabby with them for a week. I drove out with Dani the following week to pick them up and teach a dance class for OPS while I was there.

Friday, May 30, 2014

Last day of School

 Last day of First Grade!!!  May 30, 2014 ~ Traverse Mountain Elementary, Mrs. Wirick
 Her little friends we do carpool with!  Brooklyn & Austin
Now that Charley is done with school, she is now a 2nd grader! And we are officially on Summer vacation at our house!

Memorial Day weekend trip to CA

For Memorial Day weekend, we decided to take a quick trip to CA to visit the Bartlett Bunch!  The girls were so excited to see their girl cousins.  We let the girls play a lot, and just have fun with each other. We took them to pick blueberries, chuck e cheese, and the beach, and the pool...but mostly just let them play.  And we also got to meet little Miss Maybelle!  What a sweetie!  It was a great weekend!


 Charley with her friend Summer.  
 Each grade had to wear a different color....1st grade orange.  This helped locate where to tell the kids to go once they crossed the finish line.  The race was staggered, and so all the first grade started together. 
 Her cool medal, she was so excited to get her second running medal.

And after the race a fire truck came to cool all the kids off!  

Gabby's PreSchool Graduation

 Last Day of Preschool, May 21, 2014 ~ Traverse Mountain Elementary

 Mrs. Emilee
 Mrs. Kristen
Gabby's little buddies!, Connor and Aliva

Alright people, we officially have a Kindergartener at our house!  This little spunky girls graduated from preschool with flying colors!  She is such a smarty pants!  We loved preschool this year, and she is excited to start kindergarten in the fall.  

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Ogden Marathon

 Runners get SET......GO............and then 4 minutes later....we finally cross the Start line!  (seriously)
 Waiting for the race to start.
 We pulled up to the finish line around 4:30am.  We hopped on a bus that took us to the top of Ogden Canyon, and waited there until it was time to start. It was cold, and we were there for a while, but the time when by fast. 

The actual race was really pretty. We were on Canyon roads for most of the run, and when we finally did come out of the canyon, we hopped on a fairly shaded trail for the last little bit.  It wasn't until the last mile where we had to run on city streets to the City Center for the finish line. Which I was grateful for, because city streets are the worst to run on in the heat!  Ben and I stuck together the whole time pushing each other. We walked a few times, but for the most part kept a good steady pace.  We weren't sure what our time would be, but we were very excited when it was under 5 hours!  We completed the marathon in 4 hours and 50 minutes!  Ben cut almost an hour off of his time from before! Way to PR!
 Finishers!  Ben finishing his 2nd Marathon, and me 4! Go Us!

**A big Thank You to Uncle RJ & Aunt Janice for watching our girls! ....and letting us stay at their house.  The girls had a blast with them.

Plant Day

The last few weeks are filled with fun showcases and activities for the kids.  Last Friday was Plant Day, where the 1st grade got to show off what they were doing in their science class.  They learned all about plants even grew some grass.

I liked this picture because it showed off Charley's new gap in her teeth.  She lost her first top tooth the night before. 

Monday, May 12, 2014

Happy Birthday Ben!

 Friday, May 9th was Ben's 34th Birthday!  The girls and I wanted to make it a little special. So we came up with 34 reasons why we loved Dad and hung them from the ceiling with balloons.  This was the girls as they were waiting for Dad as he came home.  They ran into place as they heard the garage door opening.  (You can always find both Dani and Gabby with princess dresses on if we are at home.  Gabby comes home from school....her clothes come off, and a dress goes on!)

 It is very hard to shop for this guy.  But this year, I came up with an idea all my myself....Ben didn't give me any hints of what he wanted, so I had to do it all myself.  And I must say, I am very proud of myself!
 In side the box was a few shirts, one of which was a BYU sweater.....for him to wear while he is sitting at all of the BYU football games this fall!
 Because I got Ben season tickets!  ....actually 2 season for me too!  Because going by yourself isn't as fun as going with me!
Happy Birthday Ben!  We love you sooo much! He really is an amazingly awesome person! Who I am lucky to call my hubby! Here's to one more year, and BYU Football!