Tuesday, June 16, 2015


The last month of school was crazy!  There was so much going on. And I thought that once summer started we would have a break, but I was wrong.  The first week of summer the girls had tennis camp, then swimming lessons right after. We packed a lunch, and just stayed at the pool after swimming.  It was a fun, but tiring two weeks. (The cute little blond is our neighbor who took lessons with us.)  We have a week off of crazy before the girls leave for Omaha while I go to France to dance. Then we have another few weeks off before we head to Omaha to see Ruben get off his mission, then fly out to NC for the Schramm reunion. By the time we get back from NC to Omaha, and spend a few days and then drive back...school will just about start. But then again, isn't that what summers are for.  

Soccer season is over!

Our first season of soccer ended!!  The girls had fun, and Gabby even made a goal! Now on to the next sport!

End of School Stuff

 The girls had their dance festival! Charley danced to "Shake it off", and Gabby dance was the "Chicken Dance."

 The school also had a 5K fun run.  The kindergarteners only had to do half of the course. The grades started at different times, so I decided to run back from the finish, and run the last part with Charley, and finish with her, then was able to run the last little bit with Gabby.  
 Gabby's class did a Teddy Bears picnic. These are some of her cute friends! 
 I was also able to go on Gabby's field trip to the zoo.  And since I was brining Dani with me, I figured I would take Charley too.  So I pulled her out of school for the day, and we all had fun at the zoo!
 Gabby's last day of Kindergarten!
Charley's last day of 2nd Grade!

Gabby School happenings.

Gabby was chosen as Student of the Month for May!  What a very deserving little girl!

And Gabby made a peacock diorama for her school animal project.  She did awesome researching and learning about the peacock, and making a cool diorama.  This was at her class presentation!

San Francisco!

At the beginning of May Ben's work took us to San Fransisco!  We did all of the fun touristy things, rode a bike across the Golden Gate bridge, took a ferry to Alactaz, watched a Giants game, went to China town, walked up Lumbard street, and ate at a bunch of really YUMMY places. Thanks PCG!

Charley's School happenings

 Charley was awarded Student of the Month for the month of April!  So proud of her.

They second grade also put on a couple skits about Asop's fables. Charley was part of the Greek Chorus.

Spring Break, Fritchi Farm

Of of the days during spring break we drove down to our friends house in Mt. Pleasant, UT.   They have a ton of land, and a bunch of animals, including horses. The girls love riding their horses, and have gotten pretty good. They all can ride by themselves. 

Spring Break Moab

Ben and I took the girls to Moab during spring break  We drove down early Friday morning, hiked around and drove back that evening. But we were able to fit in all of the cool hikes, double arches, balancing rock, delicate arch, sand arch, and broken arch.  However, on the way back from delicate arch, I fell and sprained my ankle. I was so worried about the girls hurting themselves climbing on the rocks all day, I forgot how klutzy I was!

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Easter Morning

Easter morning was a little different this morning, only because it is also General Conference weekend.  The girls woke up to their Easter goodies, then dad made breakfast and now we are watching conference.  And later we are heading up to Ogden to Aunt Virginia's house for Easter Dinner with the Allan family and Granny & Grandpa Schramm.

PCG Easter Hunt

The Friday before Easter Ben's work, PCG, put on a little egg hunt for the kids. We were even able to take our neighbor Addison! The girls had so much fun! We Love Daddy's work!

BYU Pow wow 2015

This year Nana, Jordan, and Lexi all came out to Utah for Heritage week.  Mom came out with my new regalia for hoop! We were able to go to the Native American Alumni Dinner, Living Legends show, Pow wow, and some shopping. It's always fun to have family here. The girls and I both danced Hoop at Pow wow.  They did awesome!

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Kristin's Shower

This is my cute friend, Kristin!  And together with her sister and mom, planned the cutest baby shower for her baby boy! It was a Boy's Rock theme!  We had lots of friends and family come, it was a huge success! What a way to welcome baby boy Forbes!