Saturday, July 27, 2013

School Shopping~Charley

 Today was Charley's one-on-one day for Back to School Shopping!!!  Ben had a golf tournament this morning so we decided that I would take her shopping first, then meet Ben up for dinner. While we were at dinner I asked Charley what her favorite thing was that she did this summer, she said going to the beach house with Schramma and today.  We do this every year, and in a few weeks it will be Gabby's turn for the first time!  

For the last few years Charley has really wanted Twinkle Toe shoes.  But they are expensive!  But the outlets by our house has a Sketchers store!!  And today they were having a huge back to school sale, and if you bought one, you got the other one half off.  So I got Gabby a pair too.

 We had a little fashion show for daddy, and Gabby and Dani had to join in.  Gabby is a ham.

And Dani is hilarious!....

But, Charley is ready for school.... 1st grade to be exact!!  She is all set with her new shoes, shirts, jeans, Hello Kitty lunch box and notebooks.  She is going home to Nebraska with my sister Jordan in a few days, and will come back with my parents when they bring Ruben out to the MTC, right before school starts.  She is so excited to go all by herself.  She is getting so big!

Today was so much fun!  I love spending time with my Big Girl!  It was a fun day with just us!

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