Saturday, August 16, 2014

School Shopping ~ Gabby

So this girl is starting Kindergarten!!!  We took her to get her school clothes today!  This girls is a hoot!  She originally wanted to go to Ikea for her lunch!  It took a LOT of persuading to change her mind!  I mean, Ikea has some good food, but if you could pick anywhere you wanted to go eat, I wouldn't go there!  So we finally convinced her that Chick-fil-a was a much better option.  She would get a toy, play in the play place, and get an ice cream cone.

After lunch was shopping.  We were walking into the first store, and she goes, "Mom, once I see all the clothes, I will let you know what I like."  And she sure did!  We found a ton of cute clothes A new backpack and a pair of new shoes. We are all ready for School!!!

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Jordanlz said...

I'm loving the dress and Cardigan!