Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Girls & Boys day

 Monday we had a boys and girls day.  The boys day consisted of Ben and Calvin skiing at Sundance.  For Girls day we went shopping at Hobby Lobby, and got a few things for some projects....including a headband making kit where after our shopping we decorated headbands for all the girls.
 We even went shopping at the new outlet malls by our house....this was in the grand lobby.
 The girls with their new headbands and Uncle Cal.
 Then when the boys came home we went to Estes with Courtney's siblings, Parker and Jeff and Karlee.
 Best pizza and wings in SLC!!!

 All the girls with our cool new headbands....yep, we all wore them to the restaurant...we are cool!
Gabby....nuf said!

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Char said...

I love headbands! I wear them almost everyday. lol