Tuesday, December 24, 2013

The Night before Christmas...

 Magic reindeer food.  Gabby got from school for the reindeer.  She poured it in a big pile on our drive way, so the snow wouldn't cover it!

 Milk, cookies, carrots and a note for Santa

Christmas Jammies.

*Charley actually opened her PJ's last week.  She had pajama day at school, and got to watch "the Polar Express."  The night before as she was trying to decide on what to wear, she came to me crying.  She told me all of her pajama's didn't fit her right, and she did't have anything to wear.  It was so funny that she was so worried about it.  So I told her she could open her pajama's early if she promised she wouldn't be sad when the other girls opened theirs.  She was so excited to have something new and cute to wear to school for pajama day!

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